Face that Heartbreak

I had to experience true heartbreak and loss to cultivate my own strength. 
It is the  type of strength you have to reach down into the deepest part of yourself to find. 

I don’t regret the pain that brought me here, gave me the gift of my gumption. 

my resolve. 

My advice to you now is to face that heartbreak. 
Do not turn your back on your suffering. 
Take hold of your pain; don’t hide from it. 
Let your pain light a fire inside of you that has always been there, hiding, waiting for you to be ready, hushed by a world afraid of your power. 
That true power that resides in us as women from the time we are shoved out into this world. 
Pain wakes that up, reminds us what we are made of. 

You can either stand face to face with that pain and come out the other side a better woman for it. 

Or, you can continue hiding, complaining, making excuses, being the victim, and never do the world a damn bit of good.



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