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My Take on ‘Mental Health Advocate’ as a Label 

Steven wrote recently about removing the wording ‘mental health advocates’ from our bio. He gave his reasons, which I agree with, but I wanted to share my point of view as well. We are partners after all, with differing viewpoints and opinions. It’s part of what makes us work, as a couple and as people who write songs together. 

Anyway, here are my two cents:

I agree with what Steven said about the current trend of folks (especially on social media) using mental health, mental illness, and the discussions…

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Why I'm done with being a "Mental Health Advocate" 

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go…since people are going to get pissy about this post anyways…Mental health has been and always will be a topic that I believe is important to talk about and discuss as openly and candidly as possible. Through kindness, compassion, and understanding in the different ways in which we all struggle. 


Okay…now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it. 

I’ve always HATED buzzwords…

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Face that Heartbreak 

I had to experience true heartbreak and loss to cultivate my own strength. 
It is the  type of strength you have to reach down into the deepest part of yourself to find. 

I don’t regret the pain that brought me here, gave me the gift of my gumption. 

my resolve. 

My advice to you now is to face that heartbreak. 
Do not turn your back on your suffering. 
Take hold of your pain; don’t hide from it. 
Let your pain light a fire inside of you that has always been there, hiding, waiting for you to be ready, hushed by…

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Update: Therapy and Medication 

I wanted to hop on here and update everyone about my mental healthcare. 

I truly believe that being open about this stuff helps us all. It helps me stay in tune with the treatment I want and any changes that I may need, and I think it helps those who are ready to get treatment but aren’t sure what to expect. 

I know for me, I was VERY hesitant to get conventional therapy. One reason was the feeling that I had failed at keeping myself healthy and that going to therapy and/or taking medication was admitting…

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Care and Expectations 

Hi Everyone!

I want to start off by saying that some of the things I'm going to talk about this post may be offensive to some people, and some of it may make some people angry. That is not, in any way, my intent. To me, a large part of having a healthy conversation regarding mental health is having uncomfortable conversations as to what mental health care means to you, and what it means to me. Those two things can often be very different, though equally important in my opinion. In addition to all of that…

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Update from Amanda 

Just want to drop in and update you all. 

I have been in therapy for three weeks. I am doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which deals with thought patterns; breaking unhealthy ones and relearning healthy ones. 

I am also starting medication in conjunction with therapy. 

To be honest I was hesitant to start medication. I’m not ashamed to be medicated, and fully support people who choose to use medicine to stay healthy. But, part of my anxiety is a very intense thought pattern that tends to lean towards…

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Guilt and Forgiveness 

I was reading Amanda's post yesterday and it got me thinking about how we deal with guilt and forgiveness in relation to our emotional and mental health. 

Depression is an odd animal. It can stem from how your brain releases chemicals, events in our lives, or any number of combination of factors. 

With my bipolar disorder, I tend to fall into the first category, with my depressive cycles being random and usually triggerless (is "triggerless" even a word? If it's not, then it is now. :) ). Amanda's tends…

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august 1, 2018 

So I started going to therapy this week. 

It was time to face my anxiety and depression head-on and get a treatment plan together. 

I’ve been trying to take care of myself and eat well, practice yoga, get plenty of rest, take my supplements that are helpful with anxiety, etc. But the depression has gotten to a severity that basically takes every ounce of energy I have to peel myself out of bed, shower, and get to work on time. 

I still love my job, but even though working gives me some pleasure and I am…

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